Thursday, February 17, 2011

«Bout of Insanity»

It figures that the day after I praise having a mild winter the weather goes batshit insane. Yesterday the sun was peaking through the clouds, and while not as warm as the day before it wasn't a bad day. But then...

4:08 PM - I hear thunder in the distance. I decide to get up from my computer and investigate. I like thunderstorms.

4:09 PM - I get outside and see a flash in the sky, followed by loud thunder. There is a dark cloud moving my way. I decide to check the mail while I'm out.

4:10 PM - No mail, I'm returning to my door when shit hits the fan. The wind instantly picks up, temperature plummets, hail starts to fall. More thunder and lightning. At this point I'm standing outside my door in awe of how quick and violently the weather is changing.

4:13 PM - The ground is white with hail and snow, wind is strong, thunder is growing more distant. Dark grey cloud overhead.

4:20 PM - Wind is calming back down, snow is getting harder, hail has subsided.

4:35 PM - No wind. Snow is only a light flurry now, blue skies overhead and the sun is back out.

4:43 PM - Snow has stopped, what's on the ground has started to melt, everything's calm again and I'm left wondering "What the hell just happened!?"


  1. Sounds like Satan was arriving... maybe he was hungry for mashed potatoes.


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