Wednesday, February 16, 2011

«What is This "Outside" You Speak of?»

It reached 65 degrees yesterday... in mid February. Add that to the list of reasons I'm glad I don't live in Alaska anymore. It was partly overcast and a little windy, about like a summer day back in Ketchikan.

I actually got outside and did stuff. I rode my bicycle and went for a walk. It was nice not to get the runny nose and earache I get from riding in cold weather. Lately I've been inside more than I should be. I'm just not a cold weather kind of guy.

I think I've lost a lot of the endurance I had built up last summer. That was to be expected over the winter. I think I'll gain it back fairly quickly.

I think the worst part of winter is behind me. It snowed once maybe 6 inches, dropped into single digits a couple times. Rained more than I expected, although not in any way comparable to what I'm use to. I can put up with winters like that for the nice long summer ahead.


  1. Remember to always wear sunscreen :)
    But seriously, DO wear sunscreen.

  2. @ Linda: That's a good video. I was expecting something funny, not deep.

  3. Are you too young to remember when it was in the charts? 1998 or 1999 depending on whether you trust Google or Wiki

  4. @ Linda: I was never one to pay attention to the charts. I don't know what's out today.


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