Monday, February 14, 2011

«Motivational Monday: Valentine's Day»

Yet Another Valentine's Day. Haven't I had enough of these alone?

While this is now the 4th year I've blogged about it, it's actually my 24th Valentine's Day alone. Admittedly the first years of my life don't really count because I was too young anyway. But really? I'm 24 and still don't have anyone to properly enjoy Valentine's Day with? Sad but true.

Valentine's Day / making single people feel like shit since 496 AD

At least my utter hatred of this day has subsided into bitter apathy.


  1. Despite being single, I actually don't mind Valenitn'es Day. This is probably just me being ornery though since so many people hate it.

  2. That's OK. I have struggled for years to figure out how to behave properly on Valentine's Day and still can't get it right.

  3. It took me til 29, so there's still hope. It'd be 28, but I don't think it counts if that's the day she says she just wants to be friends.

  4. Replies
    1. lol, nope. My plans for Valentines evening? Take a concealed weapon class.

  5. Plans for the Valentines day, lay a petal way from my front door to bed, then when I come back home it will be a nice surprise for me... I will follow the petal way, which (surprisingly) will lead me to my bed... Then I will masturbate for couple of hours and go to sleep after... Great plan, eh?
    P.S.: It will work for me because I am single and totally in love with myself lol


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