Sunday, February 13, 2011

«Towers Done, Temple Built»

I suppose I should give an update to what I've been doing on the Minecraft server.

My mob grinder is done. I think it's currently the largest one on the server. Since it's multiplayer, its performance varies greatly. Things like the number of people on and server lag affect the output. From what I've read, grinders always have a lower output in multiplayer when compared to singleplayer. Still; 7,500 items/hour isn't anything to scoff at. Click an image to view full.

Here's my completed sandstone mob grinding towers.
Minecraft sandstone towers
The collection room, deep underground. The floor of this room is 1 level above bedrock. The items drop out of the creeper's mouth.
Creeper themed mob grinder collection room
Here's the temple I've built on the surface above the collection room access. There's one very important feature missing still, and I don't yet have the materials required to build it.
Creeper themed mob grinder collection room


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