Wednesday, February 9, 2011

«Concert Sheltered»

Sometimes I don't realize how sheltered of a life I've lived in Ketchikan. I was at another atheist meeting last night and the topic of music concerts came up. Everyone there was talking about their 4th and 5th concert they've seen. I've never been to one. They were surprised to hear this.

I was surprised that everyone else had been to one, let alone multiple concerts. It's the little things like that I've missed out on. It's the little things that cause me to have nothing interesting to talk to anyone about.


  1. I have been to two "Weird Al" Yankovic concerts and Star Wars in Concert. Surprisingly, this hasn't given me very much street cred.

  2. This post is so sad :((

    But you should look at it as the "little things" that mean you can shake other people's assumptions. You say they were surprised that you'd never been to a concert - that could be a jumping off point for all sorts of discussion about the differences between where you and they lived and how what they take for granted was impossible for you. You only think it's uninteresting because you had to live that life …

  3. I think I've somehow lived quite the opposite, having seen eight concerts and played in another, and I'm only 14. I'm not sure how that's happened.

  4. Ive been to loads of concerts over the years. I also played guitar in a few of rock bands. Great times. Only problem is that I now have tinnitus and am a bit hard of hearing. Im sure its not related though.

    The band I'm most glad I saw live was Led Zeppelin.


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