Friday, February 1, 2008

«Stick RPG Complete»

Haven't been doing too much lately. I played Stick RPG Complete for a while. It's a simple little flash game, but due to some of the themes, it may not be appropriate for young children. Things like bar fights, buying and selling drugs, and drinking alcohol. You're thrown into a 2D world and you go to work to make money, buy a better house, and win bar fights. It gets a little repetitive, but most RPGs do.


  1. I played that game and I got the best house, computer, TV, Workout equipment, etc. I think I left off with about 20 million dollars. If you want to play a pretty good game try Tactical Assasin. It's and awesome first person stick shooter. I liked it.

  2. Yeah, I played for about 300 stick-days. I also got all the furniture and best house, hot wired the car and had the best job. I think I had about $4 million, but I was gaining fast with the stock market.

  3. HELP I can't figure out how to get a house

  4. To buy a house, go to the bank and click "buy real estate". When you buy a house (not just a bigger apartment) the house will appear in that empty spot to the right of your apartment.

  5. dident get to be prez :( wen dose elecion come again??


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