Friday, January 16, 2009

«Traffic Returning»

My web traffic is returning, this last week wasn't too bad. Still hasn't returned to the normal weekly averages, though. You damn students need to go back to school after Winter break. Or visit my site and play the games from home.

Graph of traffic between December 15th and January 14th
Usually, my traffic peaks around 2,500 visits a day during the week, and the weekends drop off to about 500 visits a day. However, during the Winter break, my traffic flat-lined at around 250 visits a day, no matter what day of the week it was.

What's the post popular page? By far Pyro Sand 2, accounting for about 48% of my traffic. Sadly, the actual blog here only accounts for about 12% of my traffic.


  1. The traffic on my sites also has a dip over he festive period however its a shorter dip. Maybe that because the majoriity of your visitors are students and they take a longer break than everyone else - they have worse hangovers and it takes them longer to get back to reading blogs! ;-)

  2. @ Bunc: Yeah, I think most of my traffic are students, specifically college students. Because I have a friend that's just now going back to school from his break from college.


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