Tuesday, January 6, 2009

«It Rained»

The extra 2 feet of snow we were to get came down as rain instead, so I didn't need to go on the roof to shovel. Yes, the rain makes the snow heavier as it soaks into it. But we were worried about an additional 2 feet of snow then rain on top of that. So I didn't suffer a death by falling off the roof. We got the new hot water tank hooked up instead.

Other than that, I've started playing The Sims 2 again. I wasn't going to reinstall it. I was going to wait until The Sims 3 comes out sometime this year. However, after watching someone else play it, it made me want to as well.

I still have my old neighborhood, so it was easy to get back into it. I am yet again re-modeling the house pictured in this article. I'll put up another screenshot of it when I'm done.


  1. Good to know you survived.

    Bay has shown some interest in Sims lately. I wasn't sure if it was anything he needed to mess w/ at 10 years old. What do you think?

  2. @ Monique: There are sexual references in the game, but you don't see anything. They don't even call it sex, it's called "Woohoo". When they have "Woohoo" it's under the covers and often times you'll get a cheesy little cutscene.

    When they are naked (or using the toilet) there's a pixelized censor box over them.

    It's rated "T" for teen, but I think a 10-year-old could handle it.


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