Tuesday, June 2, 2009

«Almost Strip Searched»

The first day of my vacation we got on the Alaska ferry Taku and it left about 1:30 AM on May 7th. Believe me when I say there are other ferries in the Alaska Marine Highway. I just seem to always end up on the Taku without fail. Not that I'm complaining, the Taku is a fine ship.

The ferry was almost completely empty. Our car was placed in the starboard (right) side of the bow. Other than us, there was only a van and a shipping container on the entire starboard side of the ferry. The port (left) side of the ferry had maybe 3 vehicles. I didn't take the camera up with me on the ferry because it was nighttime and my dad and I just found a place to sleep. During the night, we had the entire forward observation lounge to ourselves. I tell you, I've never seen a ferry so empty.

After arriving in Prince Rupert, BC in Canada, we had to go though customs (border inspection). Because the ferry was so empty and the border officers had extra time, they took the last 3 cars out of the line and all but strip searched us.

They went through everything... Ran the drug dog all through our car, leaving dog footprints on our seats and crushed a pastry we had planned for breakfast. They opened every pocket on our luggage, opened every container, and searched every compartment in the car. They questioned my dad about some vitamins they found, and took his cellphone inside momentarily (I assume so they could run the serial number). After they were done with the car they turned to us and wanted to know the contents of our pockets. It took a full hour.

Then right outside Prince Rupert we hit road construction and were delayed further. We had a slow start to our vacation. Click an image to view full.

This is the first picture I took on the vacation. We had stopped at the Basalt Creek Rest Area.
First picture of the vacation.
Another picture at the Basalt Creek Rest Area.
Basalt Creek Rest Area.
This was at another rest area along the Skeena River. You can see the ice and snow still along the riverside. We saw quite a bit of snow in the ditches along the highway.
Still snow along the Skeena River.
More about my vacation and lots more pictures to come in future posts.


  1. Wow, amazing scenery. I was taken off to an interrogation room once heading into Canada. Being tough doesn't come naturally to Canadians, but they try!

  2. LOL Master Marf. I can say as a proud Canadian myself I get a LULZ when our border guards hassle Americans. Though it's surprising you were hassled seeing how your white... But you do sorta look like a hippie with that hair.. so I am guessing that's why you were searched.. I look like a tall straight arrow guy I have never been hassled by border guards ever. Either side. Be polite and confident smile look them in the eyes and you could drive a body across the border for all they know.

  3. @ Stratagem: I don't think it had anything to do with my appearance. The ferry was empty and they just had extra time to kill.

    Although I can definitely see the source of lulz... The US is like the world's "Big Brother", so anytime someone else can hassle them is lulzy.

  4. Try talking about the weather with them. It's like a Canadian pastime. if you have something interesting to say about the weather all the better..


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