Wednesday, June 10, 2009

«Consumed by Sims 3»

When a new game of that special kind (simulation) comes out, it can consume me. Like the Sims 3 has.

A few key differences between the Sims 2 and the Sims 3:

  • The Sims 3 has a neighborhood you can go out and explore without loading screens.
  • You can customize the color of almost anything! It more than makes up for the initial apparent lack of furniture variety.
  • You determine your Sim's personality by selecting 5 of 63 traits. There are no more astrological signs or setting how outgoing or nice your Sim is. Instead you get to chose traits like Charismatic, Friendly, or even Neurotic!
  • As you play your family, time passes for the rest of the neighborhood as well. Your neighbors will progress and age on their own.
I have re-created my favorite dysfunctional family that I originally started in the original Sims. It consists of 8 brothers; Ed, Fred, Ked, Med, Ned, Sed, Ted, and Zed. Their last name is Med (yes, that means there's a Med Med).

Ed has the traits Brave, Evil, Inappropriate, Mean Spirited, and Hot-Headed. He's almost at the top of the criminal career (evil branch). As you can tell from his traits, Ed is one mean mofo. And he looks the part, too.

Fred was the gay brother in Sims 2. I gave him the traits of Coward, Green Thumb, Neat, Party Animal, and Over Emotional. His favorite color is pink. He's basically the gardener and house keeper/cleaner. He does not have a job other than that.

Ked has the traits of Angler, Childish, Commitment Issues, Kleptomanic, and Loves the Outdoors. Just as he was in the Sims 2, he does not act his age. And he loves to go out fishing. No job, just fishing.

Med in a lot of ways is what holds the house from falling apart. His traits are Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Good, and Handy. He's Mr. Fix-it for the family; something breaks, he fixes it. Then he upgrades it so it never breaks again.

Ned goes by his own path. Traits: Artistic, Insane, Virtuoso, Neurotic, and Perfectionist. For the longest time all he did was play his guitar in the park for tips, talk about conspiracies, and freak out randomly. Now he's on his way to becoming a rock star and a master painter.

Sed dresses like a pimp. In fact, he looks just like my Wasteland Pimp from Fallout 3 (except he's black, as any pimp should be). Now his traits are Ambitious, Charismatic, Lucky, Schmoozer, and Workaholic. He's recently become the Leader of the Free World. He's more-or less the President; top of the political career.

Ted has Clumsy, Couch Potato, Heavy Sleeper, Natural Cook, and Slob. He's well on his way to the top of the culinary career. At home though, all he does is cook for everyone and watch TV.

Zed is a Bookworm, Computer Whiz, Frugal, Loner, and Genius. He's just perfectly happy being up in the middle of the night all alone reading his books or hacking on the computer.

I think my strangest occurrence so far was when my fisherman (Ked) caught a $4,000 laptop computer in the ocean. It still worked. Zed ended up with it.


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