Friday, June 12, 2009

«Sims 3: Livin' the Homeless Life»

I made a homeless sim in the Sims 3. I made a little dilapidated looking park, and moved him into it. Technically this is his "house".
"Home" for the homeless sim.

Click image to view full.

Basically, you make a sim that has the mooch trait (and whatever else you think would be useful). Then you move him into an empty lot and waste his money on something so he's down to nothing. Then you go to the city park or something and mooch food and money off the people, and sleep on the benches.

My homeless dude has these traits: mooch, loves the outdoors, slob, unlucky, and loser. He's already been kicked out of a few houses for "acting inappropriately" when he tried to shower or sleep in someone else's bed. He's also been yelled at countless times for rummaging through people's garbage.

Speaking of rummaging through garbage... See that huge rock behind the gazebo in the screenshot? He found that in someone's garbage. I'm trying to make the dude a poor homeless bum, and he goes and digs a gigantic $3,480 space rock out of someone's garbage. And yes, the garbage can was a lot smaller than the rock. Go figure...

In none of the Sim games before this was it possible to be homeless. You learn where you can go to eat, shower, and so forth in your neighborhood/town. The city park is a good place to get food. The people there are kind when you're mooching food, or you can grab a plate from the nearest picnic basket. The public pool or the gym are good places to get a shower.

Overall, in the Sims 3 you have a much wider variety of choices for how your sim will make a living.

EDIT: So I had him analyze that gigantic rock to find out what it was made of. Turns out it was made of Charbonaceous Chondrite and actually worth over $20,000. *sigh* Why can't I keep this guy poor?!


  1. I don't get the whole Sims thing. You set the basic traits of these people and then they just go around doing their thing, or are you controlling each movement?

  2. @ Monique: You can control what they do. If you don't give them instructions, then they will do their own thing.

  3. How did you build that awesome gazebo with bridge? I have been playing homeless but I would really like a gazebo.

  4. @ Anonymous (#3): I've always been somewhat of a builder in Sims games. You use the foundation tool to make the supports for the dock.

  5. Just finished downloading the Sims 3 and i can't wait to try it out. Peace to the fat men!

    -Big Fat Man

  6. @ Anonymous (#5): I actually have a family in a different neighborhood that has a fat man. He's really quite happy... He's a 5-star chef.

  7. Hi I tend to do strange homes and my newest one has no wall unless bushes count a walls!

  8. @ Anonymous (#7): lol. No, I don't think bushes count. I've made some strange homes, too. Like a floating house. No first floor, only a second floor. And it was in the shape of a flying saucer.

  9. Use the inappropriate trait and you won't get kicked out. ;) And you can sponge bath in sinks, so no need to use showers. :D The mooch trait is kinda unnecessary but fun. Homeless is a really fun way to play.


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