Sunday, June 21, 2009

«The Fat Lady»

I was behind this fat lady in the express lane at Safeway. She had a box of ice cream sandwiches. Could the fat lady wait until she paid for them? Of course not. She opened the box and started stuffing her face. They were half gone by the time she bought the (then) half empty box.

Seriously, is this really what America has come to?

And I'm referencing not only the fact that she was obese and stuffing her face with fatty sweets. There's also the point to be made of the need for instant gratification. Also one could argue it's also an example of consuming something before it's paid for; much the same mentality that got everyone in debt...

The more I think about her, the more I realize she's the perfect symbolism for America.


  1. Sad. But yes, that is America.

  2. Can't imagine the look on the checker's face.

  3. Grody. I would have had to say something, a small social notice that what she was doing was wrong. But I'm a bitch w/ no pity for people who destroy their lives.

    So after one visit to your blog, I have lost The Game ((you just did too btw, ha ha)) and now have little quips in my head of what to say to the fat lady. Nice.

  4. @ Monique: As long as my blog left an impression, any impression (be it good or bad), then it's did its job.

  5. American only you wish... Canada has some epic size land whales of it's own. I may be packing a few extra pounds but these people are packing a few extra people.

    Besides I heard that America is no longer number one in the field of fat assery Australia overtook you a few months back..

    Makes sence really I wouldn't want to go outside in that country either seems like every abomination of nature deadliest snake, deadliest spider, deadlist jellyfish resides somewhere in that god forsaken landmass. Even some of the mammals are poisonous. A mammal that can lay egg's ?? thats just fucked up.

  6. @ Stratagem: In some ways I'm not surprised. Still, America has the most morbidly obese people, I'm talking the bed-ridden 800-1,200 pound kind.

    We've seemed to "Americanize" some countries beyond even what America is. Just look what we did to Japan. They were a serious military state, now look at them...

    And yes, Australia has the most poisonous EVERYTHING. Also, their government is far more fascist than I had previously realized. They're a lot like China in that respect.

  7. Turns me on, a bit. No im actualy very horny right now.

  8. @ Anonymous (#8): lol, whatever floats your boat!


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