Tuesday, October 5, 2010

«God's Banana Fail»

The banana is the atheist nightmare, not

Through hybridization and selective breeding, humans have over the years designed a lot of the foods we now eat. So yes, the banana was designed to be perfect for human consumption, but not by God.

Here's the video of Ray Comfort's banana example. This earned him the title of "Banana Man".

Atheist Nightmare

Now to be fair Ray Comfort has since apologized for this, stating that he was not aware the banana had been so modified by humans. He fell back on the old "God gave humans the knowledge to do it themselves" position. When a believer falls back to that, you know they have utterly lost the argument.

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  1. Yeah, that argument is like saying that becuase glasses fit perfectly on the human face, we were obviously custom made to be able to wear glasses.


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