Tuesday, October 12, 2010

«Justin Bieber War»

Ok this has been going for a while now, and I've more-or-less ignored it. The war between Justin Bieber haters and Justin Bieber fans. I was just going to let it pass without saying anything, but the issue seems to be escalating.

I'm pretty neutral on Justin Bieber. He's just another teen pop-star for all the young girls to get a heartthrob over. His music is meh, but then, I'm not the target audience. He will fade in time.

I don't hate Justin Bieber, but I do hate his fans. Or rather, the vocal minority of his fans that get all butthurt when someone says Justin Bieber sucks. Whiny 14 year-olds that can't handle anyone with a difference in opinion piss me off. It's because of these people that there's even an issue in the first place. If the haters got no reaction, they'd move on to something else.

What's your take on this whole Justin Bieber issue?

EDIT: Here's the video that prompted this post. I wasn't sure if the video would stay up for long, so I didn't link to it the first time around.

Declaration Of War Against Justin Bieber Haters


  1. I would never have heard of him were it not for snarky TV comedians and people like you ;)
    Seriously though, the first time I heard/saw something about him, I had to go and Google him. But then I'm a very long way from his target audience too.
    When I was a teenage girl there were factions for The Osmonds or The Partridge Family or The Bay City Rollers (I'll leave you to do your own research, folks); but it never got really vicious. Mind you, back then - shock horror - we had no internet! Can you imagine, kiddies? !! - so it never went much beyond the playground as far as I was concerned. You would get the occasional article in a teen magazine but nothing was really serious and certainly nothing was ever really nasty.
    When I was in The Monkees' fan club I had to wait for my fanzine to come in the mail every month; now you get email updates and blogs and fan sites and whatever, and people can be cruel anonymously and it can spread really fast.
    Don't misunderstand me, I'm not getting all reactionary on yo' ass - after all we would never have encountered each other were it not for the interweb! But things are different these days and "Whiny 14 year-olds that can't handle anyone with a difference in opinion" have a wide audience.

    Maybe Beiber'll last (look at Donny Osmond for example) maybe he won't.
    Teenage girls will always be with us. And they will always find ways to upset each other. Let's leave 'em be and hope they grow out of it.

  2. I honestly think its stupid. Im on the same page as Marf kinda. I dont like the fact that these kids are getting in like little cliques and fighting about some pop-singer. Some of his songs are a little catchy, but it's nothing I really listen to. When I tell some of my female friends I dont like Bieber and they flip I tell them tough shit. He eventually will fade in time. Most of my female friends only like him because of his looks and voice. He wont look or sound the same forever. Theres prolly more I could say on this but Im dont ranting for now lol

    - Six Legions

  3. He is the only sixteen-year-old guy I know of who actually has a higher-pitched voice than me.

  4. I edited the post to include the video that prompted me to make this post.

  5. Well, there's 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back - though effigia777's response was quite funny. I'm going to stop clicking links now or I'll get sucked down a YouTube black hole.
    I listened to a couple of Bieber's tracks, but not all the way through - "meh" at best.
    Please don't do this to me again, Marf! ;))

  6. @ Linda: I know the YouTube black hole quite well... Also the Wikipedia black hole. And I do believe it is something I may do to you again.

  7. If you think that's a black hole, you should try Tv Tropes. Or, rather, shouldn't.

  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if I don't like it I move on to another part of the internet--keep the peace.

  9. i dont hate justin bieber, but i hate his music......i think justin is only for 14 yr old girls i think (no offense)


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