Friday, October 22, 2010

«It's Random, Man!»

That's right. You never know what to expect from this blog. One day you have a silly meaningless picture if a guy holding limes, and the next day you have a serious article about atheism and homosexuality.

And now... Ants!

Unbelieveable!! Whole gecko rapidly eaten by ants!


  1. That reminds me of the one time the cross country pictures were being taken, and I was sitting on an anthill.

  2. i'll pass on the vid.....*bleah*

  3. Eeuuw! Gross, but believable. I wonder what they were going to use the skull for ...?
    We have ants in our garden. I don't mind them *too* much in the garden, but when they come into the house it is WAR!!

    b.t.w. keep on being random. It's what makes you blog so entertaining. (Although I do look forward to Caturday, so please stay a bit predictable!)

  4. Yum, my favourite, Gecko! Save some tail, li'l ant guys.


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