Thursday, October 7, 2010

«What the Crap 4chan?»

It's not every day you see yourself posted on the internet...
Marf's picture on 4chan's /b/

Click image to view full.
Yes, that's the picture from the Guy Fawkes Mask post from December 17th, 2009. No that was not my post on /b/, someone else posted that picture.

What has this world come to when people are impersonating me of all people?!


  1. Well, if it got her an A+ in the class, whatever works.

  2. That 'professor' spelt lurking wrong... There also several other grammar errors that a professor, even one that wasnt majored in english while in school, should never make. This bugged me alot lol You fail sir. Good day.

    - Six Legions

  3. @ Six Legions: Well yeah, the guy wasn't really a professor. You never take anything said on 4chan as true. He as just a troll.

  4. Dude. Why- why would anyone not want to be you?
    You're almost as cool as Tucker Max.

  5. @ Forrest Taylor: I don't have my own Wikipedia article. I'm nobody... Yes, that is how you determine someone's greatness.


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