Wednesday, October 6, 2010

«Minecraft Tower»

While it is not yet complete, I wanted to share a screenshot of the tower I built in Minecraft. Yes, that's lava cascading down. There's a lava fountain inside.
Marf's Minecraft Tower

Click image to view full.
The interior still needs a lot of work though. Couldn't build the tower any taller, I hit the maximum build height. That's what I get for building it on the top of a mountain.


  1. whoa... how many hours do you have invested in this?

  2. @ Monique: Enough. I think getting the lava to do what I wanted took longer than building the whole rest of the tower. I only had 1 accident where I flooded a floor with lava. It took roughly 2 hours last night to mine the obsidian for that one dark ring around the tower.

  3. I like to think that the reason I don't play computer games is that I'm not interested in them. But there's a bit of me that's worried I'd get addicted and spend all my time doing it.
    I do already spend a lot of time playing Scrabble on my Palm Z22 ...

  4. You could always dig the mountain away from the tower's base to make it look taller.

  5. @ Linda: I think it's evident I'm susceptible to being addicted to games.

    @ Vid: I could. But I like it how it is. The back left side looks taller because there is a cliff back there and the tower continues down the face of the cliff.


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