Sunday, October 31, 2010

«Resuming Minecraft»

Happy Halloween!

Halloween officially started in Sweden at 4:00 PM in my timezone yesterday. The Minecraft Halloween update was on time. That means I can finally start my new world and begin my mega-project I've been planning.

I'm still keeping my old save, but I wanted to start a new world to take advantage of the new biomes feature. Deserts and forests and tundra, oh my!

I generated a few worlds and explored a little to get the feel of Biomes. I finally settled on this world to start my mega-project in. This world has not generated any snowy biomes yet. If you look close you can see parts of a large circle towards the center of the map. It's the outline of my mega-project.
Map of a newly generated Minecraft World

Click image to view full.


  1. @ Vid: It is... Say farewell to any quality blog posts for a while. They'll probably be random YouTube videos and pictures, posted at 4 am rather than my usual 12:01 am.

  2. can you tell me more about the project


  3. @ Stratagem: No, I used Cartograph to make the isometric map.

  4. is there anyway to play minecraft alfha without paying?

  5. @ Anonymous (#6): Same way you could play any game without paying. However the chance of it having an embedded virus is not worth the risk to me.

  6. well how would u play online then?


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