Friday, October 8, 2010

«Minecraft: Tower Interior»

I've been working on the inside of my tower in Minecraft lately. I've been placing decorations and making distinct rooms. Click an image to view full.

But before we get to the inside pictures, I wanted to show a couple more of outside. This is looking up the cliff toward the tower. Here you can really see the lavafall from the stone bastion.
Lavafall from stone bastion

And a view from the very top of the tower, well above the clouds. You're at the top of the world up here.
View from the top of the tower
Now we'll step inside on the main floor. This level doesn't really serve much purpose other than to be big and flashy. Do you like the lava fountain with gold blocks on top? It's actually part of the same lava system in the first picture. It flows throughout the tower.
Main floor
The rest of the floors are a little more cozy. My kitchen is through those doors on the left.
Decorated room
As with any mining operation, you need a place to smelt and process your materials. I've got 12 coal-fired furnaces in the foundry.
Minecraft foundry
I built a minecart system. It goes to a place I plan on strip-mining a lot of material out of. When I fill a cart at the other end I send it on its way and this system sends out the next empty cart automatically.
Minecart freight depot
Even though you don't actually sleep in the game, I thought it would be nice to have a bedroom.
Minecraft bedroom
What good is a castle without a few hidden rooms and a nice big treasure vault? I took measures to hide the entrance to my vault. The lever that unlocks it is also hidden. The vault is lined with obsidian; immune to explosives and takes forever to mine through. This is where I keep my diamonds, gold, mossy cobblestone and all other manner of rarities I can collect in the game.
Obsidian vault
The vault isn't complete yet, but I made sure the incomplete part didn't show in the screenshot. I need to go mine more obsidian...


  1. Wow, look at all those rare metals. The Grim Reaper would have a field day...

  2. @ Vid: Well, the only rare metals you see in any of those screenshots is gold. And gold doesn't really have any other use in the game, anything you make from it has low durability.

    The Grim Reaper has enough gold, too. He even has enough plutonium, though he's always looking for more of that.

  3. Hi. Nice Tower. I was wondering, could you post a diagram of your tower's wall? I'm curious.

  4. @ Anonymous (#3): I just used the center ring of the 17 voxel sphere from the Perfect Spheres thread on the Minecraft Forums. So in the case of the 17 voxel diameter sphere, the center ring is #9.

  5. um im thinking of buying this game should i


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