Monday, October 11, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Minecraft Addiction»

I haven't did any pixel art in Minecraft yet...
Minecraft / Addiction redefined!


  1. You're diding it again...

  2. Ive been checking your minecraft pictures - you really are getting into it. Does the game do anything other than allow you to build? I read a bit somewhere else about how a lot of people were playing it.

    The only game I'm a bit addicted to is Ikariam which I play a lot more than I should. I am one of the top players in the top aliance on one of the Ikariam worlds and occassionally we have large scale alliance wars which are realy good. I have to limit myslef though or I would spend far too much time playing it. Sounds like Minecaraft is like that for you.

  3. @ Bunc: The game is all about building and exploration. There is no set objective.

    There's a bit of combat if your turn on enemies. Many people agree, Minecraft is the scariest game they've ever played with enemies on. You're going along all peaceful and all of the sudden a creeper wants a hug. Or you're mining in some dark cave and you keep hearing zombie groans that sound like they are right next to you...

  4. @ fireheart126: If you want the version I'm playing, it will cost 9.95 euro.


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