Wednesday, November 10, 2010

«Atheist Meeting»

So last night I attended a meeting of blasphemers. As I understand it, the Idaho Atheists in Boise have been dormant for about 3 years for various reasons. Within the past month or so have they started to stir once more.

My recent activities in Minecraft do not require my full attention. So I've been listening to a lot of atheist videos on YouTube and such as I play. I have dual monitors and I can put the video on one monitor and play Minecraft on the other. As a result of this, I once again searched for atheists in Boise. This is how and why I found out about the "Meet An Atheist" event last night. It's going to be a monthly meeting, the second Tuesday of every month.

I think I'll try to attend future meetings. It was nice to be around like-minded people. Most of the time religion wasn't even the main topic, although the most memorable discussion last night was the Space Jesus statue in Utah. It was describing this statue of Jesus near the main Mormon temple in Utah, with a backdrop of the solar system. An ex-Mormon in the group was called over to the conversation. All the buildup was so he could pose the question "What the hell?!". I'm sure it was more hilarious in person than my description of it here.

There was a reporter there for the Boise State newspaper that wanted to know more about the gathering, and Idaho Atheists in general. There were maybe 10 or 12 of us in total gathered last night. The founder of the organization was there and she spoke with the reporter the most.

I personally did better than I expected I would. The meeting was in a pub, and the atmosphere was a little louder than I'm use to. I had difficulty hearing people some of the time. People formed small discussion circles of 2-4 and each had its own discussion going. Even though I was positioned in the middle of everyone, at times I felt like I was outside the discussion. That's no fault on their part, it's how I am. Just going at all was an improvement over what I usually would do.

Overall it was a positive experience. I look forward to doing it again, and perhaps even getting a little more involved in the future.


  1. Yay! Good news indeed! I remember you were looking for groups when you first moved to Boise. Definitely keep it up. I go to a few things on a regular basis and I always try to go even if I don't really feel like it, because I always find I feel better for having gone than if I'd stayed at home being introverted.

  2. @ Linda: Yeah, humans are social creatures.

  3. Good way to make like minded contacts Marf. I wish I had more time and could find a local group and get active that way. Maybe I need to start one.

  4. Yeah, I hate it when I can't hear people talk. It makes social awkwardness so much worse.

  5. @ Vid: Yeah. You don't want to keep asking them to repeat themselves. What's worse is when you don't hear it the second time either.

  6. Marf - thanks for making it to our event earlier this week...

    Two Thumbs up Buddy....and exactly. Space jesus?

    "WHAT THE HELL????"


  7. I'd like to visit one, but I don't think anyone would approve of it, especially when you are but a freedomless adolescent.

  8. @ hsrfan: I've stopped going to those meetings. Nothing against them, just the time doesn't work out for me and my transportation anymore. And truth be told, I'm not much of a socializer so I felt a bit awkward there.


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