Friday, November 19, 2010

«Joe Biden on LGBT Youth»

Vice President Biden: It Gets Better

That was unexpected. Kudos to Vice President Joe Biden. It's good to see a politician take this position or even talk about.

Although I still think he doesn't quite understand. It's not just the youth. There are no laws that forbid people who stutter to marry each other. There's not a group of people out protesting with signs that say "God Hates Stutterers."

A video with a heartfelt speech is nice. But will he actually do anything? Will he push the administration to realize this inequity? That not all Americans have the "unalienable rights" to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they should have? I suspect not.


  1. Gays have a right to marriage? Did I miss a fagteenth ammendment somewhere?

  2. And gays never mock or bully? Certainly we need to be polite to everyone.


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