Thursday, November 25, 2010

«A Roommate's Thanksgiving»

It's the US holiday Thanksgiving today. Though I'm not with my own family, this year I have something to be thankful for: I'm not in Ketchikan. And that is something worth being thankful for.

I won't be alone. My roommate's dad and sister will be here, as well as my roommate himself (duh).


  1. And a happy Thanksgiving to you too! Have fun on the one day where its acceptable to eat five times more of your weight in homecooked foods :D

    - Six Legions

  2. @ Six Legions: Except I'm skinny and I can't overeat, even if I wanted to. I get full.

  3. Lucky you lol I wish I was skinny. I'd still overeat though, and probably just get fat again. I love food too much. I dont know anyone who can eat as much as me, when I really want to eat alot, I'll pace myself lol

    - Six Legions


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