Wednesday, November 3, 2010

«Bottle Got Your Tongue?»

Six-year-old Mary Kate Person is home recovering after spending 4 days in the hospital. She says it all started Friday at lunch. She was drinking out of an aluminum water bottle.

"I was drinking water and then it just got stuck on my tongue,"

- Potential dangers lurk in water bottles

This may of seemed funny to the father at first, but it's still funny to me. I definitely see how I kid screwing around could get into this situation. I had a red bottle like that I used for a while. Even I would stick my tongue into it idly sometimes when I was bored.

With the water bottle I'm using now it's impossible. The opening is too large to get a tongue stuck in it, and the threading for the lid is more rounded and would not hold a tongue.

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  1. Weird! My water bottle's opening is way too big for that to happen to me. That'd be embarrassing if it did.


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