Monday, November 1, 2010

«Motivational Monday: 14 Seconds»

What constitutes "average mammal"? I don't think a guy in a costume qualifies as average. For that matter, that sounds like one of those statistics made up on the spot.

14 Seconds / The time it takes the average mammal to understand the mechanics of a sliding door.


  1. Yes, I think that the time would be a better notion to average over than the property of mammalness.

  2. That photo is creepy.
    Perhaps the sliding door test could form the basis of a new taxonomy to distinguish mammals from other animals. ie If it flies into the glass and doesnt go splat then its a bird. If it goes splat its a bug , if it figures it out in an average 14 seconds then it's a mammal. If it doesn't figure it out or meet the earlier tests then it's a frog.

  3. It means that you have 14s to take cover

    1. It means you have 14 seconds to get your ass a shotgun!

  4. 4.5 seconds: The time it takes the average person to load a shotgun.

  5. 3.2 seconds the time it takes an avarage mammal to have a bowel movement


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