Thursday, November 11, 2010

«The Walls Rise»

It's coming along in Minecraft, ever so slowly.
Minecraft World map

Click image to view full.
The first thing you'll notice that's different from the Halloween map is that there's a lot more land, so in the thumbnail the details are going to be smaller.

I sailed in a boat along the coastline until I found a snow biome. Now I have a pretty good showing of all the major biomes. Snow/Ice in the left, forest in the center, desert and plains on the right.

Looking at my mega-project, I've filled in the water within the circle, leveled more land, and put 32 layers on the walls. It's starting to take a dome shape now. I don't plan on doing a complete dome; I want an opening at the top. Similar to the dome of the Pantheon in Rome. Although my opening will be bigger in relation to the dome.

How it looks in-game. I forgot to disable the fog when I took this screenshot.
Inside the incomplete dome
Click image to view full.
I figure I need at least 22 more layers.

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  1. Press 'f' before you take a screenshot next time.


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