Thursday, February 14, 2008

«Valentine's Day Sucks»

Valentine's Day Sucks / *NB: I'm only bitter about this because I'm single. If I was in a relationship, I'd be hearts-and-candy-tastic. I assure you.

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I've been using that image as my desktop background on one of my computers since before last Valentine's day. See, I don't just hate Valentine's day one day of the year, I hate it on all 365 (or 366) days of the year.

Just every aspect of it is sickening. They don't even try to mask the commercialism; rather they try to break up the relationships for those who don't spend money on it. It's a horrible reminder of loneliness for those who are single. And, pink isn't really my color.

Last year I even went through extreme measures to try to skip the day. I had stayed up for 3 days, then went to bed midnight before Valentine's Day. My plan was to sleep through most of the day, thus "skipping" it. Didn't work... I woke up at my normal time, like I hadn't stayed up for 3 days beforehand.

Loneliness / If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone.
I never have liked the day, even back in elementary school. We'd make little construction paper mailboxes, and get little Valentine's day cards from other classmates. I always had the fewest; only cards from those who got them for the entire class. Even then I was sometimes forgotten. One year I got a rock.

The picture says, "NB: I'm only bitter about this because I'm single. If I was in a relationship, I'd be hearts-and-candy-tastic. I assure you." When I first saw that I wondered what NB meant, as you'd expect a PS. After I looked it up, I found it to mean Nota bene, turns out it was more fitting than PS. A PS is more of an after-thought, whereas NB calls to attention the context in which it was said. You see, I learned something. Who said nothing good ever comes from hate?

So, if I were not single, would I really be "hearts-and-candy-tastic"? Probably not. I'm the type that would make a distinct understanding that both of us are to ignore Valentine's day all together; treat it as any other day. Of course, she'd probably think it's just some cover for a surprise, and be disappointed when I really don't do anything. So the day would still screw me over.


  1. Here Marf, saw this scanning YouTube this morning and thought you might enjoy it !

  2. Thanks for the comment. That video was rather annoying actually. I'd gladly shoot him in the head at the end if it would make him shut up. Although I have to say, it would have been even worse if Gilbert Godfrey voiced it. lol

  3. I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but Valentine's day was originally a Roman holiday called Lupercalia. They sacrificed sheep, but they also took some young men and did something to them as part of the ritual which suggested that originally, they would use the young men for the sacrifice instead of the sheep. Things could be worse!

  4. I'm afraid the history of a holiday doesn't change what it is today; a reminder of loneliness.

  5. Ah, what a great desktop background x]

    It really is the most commercial of all holidays. It's crazy. Why should people celebrate love on just one day???

    Ha, love the attempt to skip the day completely xD

  6. i want to touch your face listen to your heart and know that the universe is in your eyes
    in your eyes

    i will know of history for in them i will see galaxy collide and supernovas and rebirth
    of new universes are made...: it is within your eyes i want to look and see all things reborn and know that there is love and trust. to see the past the present and the future

    that within your eyes sparks of genetics strands rotate and blend together i just want be a part of the universe inside of you are be able to flow within the wormholes that be create in waves like the flaming arcs of the sun

    to fathom the far rest reaches of the ever expanding universe to go beyond into a unknown explosion of passion is that hard to understand? to want to know the need? you talked about being frustrated...

    look into me walk into that shade of green pools and know that there is a great vastness of exploration that awaits you... just have to take get to see the lights of the stars within my eyes

  7. Well, I'm in a relationship and we don't do anythin' for v-day. I prefer it that way.

  8. @ Berni: You are a rare woman indeed...

  9. Yeah, I am odd, and proud of it. [^.^]


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