Sunday, September 19, 2010

«Achievement Unlocked! (Photo Heavy)»

Achievement Unlocked! Ride a bicycle at least 50 miles in 1 day. Click an image to view full.

I am such a nerd. When I saw this street sign I just had to take a picture of it.
Achievement Drive sign
It took longer than I expected. I rode about 52 miles1 on Friday on my bicycle. I was gone for 6 hours and 40 minutes, but that includes the time I spent at my destination and a meal.

Speaking of my destination, it was Lake Lowell.
Lake Lowell, Idaho
The lake has some algae bloom issues.
Lake Lowell's shoreline slime
Even with the slime issues, it seems to be a popular recreation area. I saw personal boats and jet skis out on the water.
Boat launching ramp
The lake is man made for irrigation purposes and as a bird sanctuary. Here's one of the intakes for the irrigation channel.
Irrigation tower
The dam is named Deer-Flat Upper Dam.
Deer-Flat Upper Dam
I had just rode 26 miles on my bicycle to get here, and I bounded up these stairs like they weren't even there. I got tired on the return trip, though.
Stairs up the Deer-Flat Upper Dam
My bike, locked up for when I was off exploring the dam and taking photos of Lake Lowell.
Marf's bicycle
Returning home I stopped on this hill to take a photo of Boise. This is the exact opposite side of Boise of the photos I took at Table Rock. In the full sized image you can see all the cell towers that are up on Table Rock.
Boise skyline
1: 52.1 miles if I trace the route I took on Google Maps


  1. Good job. With some mid-week rides you should be able to handle 70-75 miles a week later.

  2. Nice bike, is this the first we've seen it? After your long walk home last time, do you carry a repair kit now?

    And the lake looks a tad like our pool, damn algae =(

  3. @ Looney: Well, I'm not training for a marathon. I might do another 50, but I don't think I'll try 70 anytime soon.

    @ Monique: Nope, you've seen it before. I've got Slime in the tires now, and with all the goatheads around here, I've needed it.

  4. I don't know about you being a nerd, most nerds couldn't bike 50 miles without getting tired.

  5. @ Vid: I got tired on the return trip. In some video games, you can unlock achievements for doing certain things within the game. The nerd part of me carried that concept over to real life. Even going as far as taking a picture of a road sign that said "Achievement".


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