Wednesday, November 19, 2008

«Atheist Billboards»

Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake.It's amazing that atheist billboards are causing such an outcry. There's been a few atheist ads and billboards in public places lately. On the buses in Washington DC, as well as 11 billboards in Denver, Colorado. They are starting to appear in other places as well. There's not an outcry from religious billboards.

Tell me, are the beliefs and teachings of your church so fragile and weak that you feel this threatened by a few billboards? Oh, wait... I guess so...


  1. I say whatever works for you.

    It isn't my life's goal to convert anyone, nor do I have the time, care or energy to fight about it.

    I would be V E R Y curious to know what your parents beliefs are and how they feel about your choices.

    Tell us that sometime.

  2. Those religious believers have had it all their own way for so long that it's a real shock to them to realise that atheists might be starting to get their messagge out there in the real world.

    This all seems to have started with the London bus campaign experiment and spread rapidly "over the pond".

    @Monique -
    I am not sure that these campaigns are about "conversion" as such. Religions mostly do their conversion work with babies after all and there is no competing with that. It's more about balancing the equation of public debate I think. If it causes some to doubt the certainties of their religions then that can only be a good thing.

  3. @ Monique: I may do a post like that some time. And from what I read, the ads are aimed at atheists (not converting people). It's to make us not feel as alone in the holiday season.

    @ Bunc: They've had it all to their own for so long and yet there's still atheists around. That fact alone should say something. Yeah, I think it did start in London. I remember reading about that.

  4. It was said in the post...

    "There's not an outcry from religious billboards.

    Tell me, are the beliefs and teachings of your church so fragile and weak that you feel this threatened by a few billboards? Oh, wait... I guess so..."

    That's where the conversion comment came from, not that these were trying to convert anyone.

    I hope you do the post somewhere Marf, it would be interesting.

  5. @ Monique: There was a time when I had more of a "live and let live" attitude toward religion. But I found out religion does not follow that same philosophy. This gay marriage issue is a case-in-point.

  6. south park did an episode on this, oh and i live in colorado and most of my friends are atheist, agnostic, christian, or morman. and colorado is a very mixed religion state so this doesnt surprise me.

  7. @ Kraith: I am an avid watcher of South Park, so you must be talking about the gay marriage point (Follow That Egg) or the atheism (Go God Go). Because they haven't did a show about atheist billboards.

  8. well not bill bords. it was o atheism. one about the christian priest

  9. @ Kraith: Oh, the Red Hot Catholic Love episode. Yeah, they had nearly every priest taking advantage of little boys (except for the one in town). And, on the flip side they compared atheism to spewing crap out of their mouths. People were actually shoving food up their butt and crapping out of their mouths after they switched to atheism.

  10. Well, we have always had plenty of atheist advertising. There is, for example, the University of California which seems to operate as a church for atheism. Some seminaries, such as Union Seminary in New York are more atheist than most atheists. Not sure why anyone would raise an eyebrow at an atheist billboard advertisement, except to wonder why they would use their hard earned money for this kind of advertising when the government funds most of the proselytizing.

    I didn't see a link to anything regarding religious believers being shocked by such advertising. Is there one?

  11. Looney,
    I see you are still plugging that tired old "establishment atheist conspiracy line". If you have a tin hat anywhere I can lend you some foil and you might get better reception on those voices you are hearing ;-0

  12. @ Looney:
    SoCal's atheist billboard taken down

    Atheist Billboards To Debut During Holidays

    Billboard promoting atheism will be removed

    American Crisis: Atheists In Our Midst!

    Among other places...

    @ Shameless Horny Toad (Bunc): I always thought the foil was to shield their heads from the mind-reading rays...


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