Thursday, November 13, 2008

«CAD Comic: How it Used to Be»

This is about the V.A.T.S. (Vault Assisted Targeting System) in Fallout 3. When you enter V.A.T.S the game pauses, zooms in on the enemy, and gives you your percent chance to hit specific parts of their body. This comic is showing what the real-life equivalent would be...

Raider: I'm going to use your scrotum as a hackey sack! / Hero: Wait! / Hero: So, if I wanted to shoot you in the head... Taking into account wind velocity and the distance between us... Multiplied by my relative skill in Small Guns... Divided vy the size of your head and your rate of speed... I&#39:d have a forty-five percent chance to hit. Now, if I wanted to shoot you in the torso... / Raider: C'mon, man, I wasn't kidding, I've got a game at three-thirty...

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Here's a video showing the V.A.T.S. in action, as well as a few heads rolling. After selecting your targets, it shows it play out in slow motion.

Fallout 3 - V.A.T.S - Combat - AfterRelease Footage


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