Monday, November 17, 2008

«Motivational Monday: Ronald McDonald»

He's about to unleash some serious bitch-slappin'.

Ronald McDonald / Has had enough of your shit.


  1. I KNEW he was evil. I just knew it.

    Or maybe he is bitch slapping some idiotic parent who feeds their kids Mickey D's 7 days a week ((ahem Grandma)).

    Sorry. My boys went to Grandma's this weekend and came back ready to eat everything in the house. When I asked what they ate while there, the answer was McDonald's. What did you have for breakfast. McDonald's. Lunch? McDonald's. Dinner? McDonald's.

    Guess what we're having for dinner tonight? A big salad. Try to break up some of the grease in their systems. Gah!

  2. @ Monique: All clowns are evil. In the case of Ronald McDonald here, he has a nation-wide plan to market greasy food to our kids. It makes them fat and shortens their lifespans. He is also heavily invested in health insurance stocks. Also has an attitude problem, as the image shows.

    (Ok, so I'm just making crap up.)

  3. sounds feasible though


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