Friday, November 28, 2008

«UDWotD: Black Friday»

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: Black Friday

Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving, when stores decide to open at the asscrack of dawn to start Christmas sales. Most people fall for this ploy and wake up at 4am to fight other mothers for cheap presents.
Bah, humbug I say. I'm staying home.


  1. It is sheer insanity. 90% of my shopping is done online.

    We did go out Friday to buy our yearly ornaments from Hallmark, but it was not drawing a crowd.

  2. We don't have Black Friday here, I guess thats because we dont have thanksgiving. We do have the january sales - which usually start on boxing day ( ? go figure!) but have more or less started already as shops are trying to get folk in through the doors.


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