Monday, November 10, 2008

«Motivational Monday: Creationism»

This guy found proof that the world is not as old as scientists claim.

Creationism / There are indications that the world is not as old as we are told, for instance, at the bottom of the world it says made in China, it is also made from a form of plastic rubber which was not around until 1943.


  1. I love it. He he he. It sounds like the kind of logic Looney trots out in arguments.

  2. @ Bunc: Anyone that believes in God and creationism has to grasp at straws if they are to have any "proof" to argue in their favor. It's not just Looney.

  3. @ Marf: Anyone that believes in Chance and Evolution must eat tomatoe soup with a fork if they are to have any "proof" to argue in their favor.

    Why no stop attacking God, and attack something else - like "Allah"? Because Creationism provides a hope for people.

  4. @ Anonymous (#3): I don't quite see how the fork/soup analogy connects with evolution, at least not in your favor.

    Let's say we start out with several forks, all of them slightly different. Longer tangs on some of them, different shapes, some bent, others strait, some even resembling sporks (hence, randomness). The ones resembling sporks will perform their task better than the others, so they will be selected over all the other fork types.

    Many generations and random variations later, with the more spoon-like variations being selected in each new generation... You'll get a spoon. A completely separate species of silverware capable of performing its task quite efficiently.

    Of course, in real life forks can't reproduce or pass on heredity, but no analogy is perfect.

    And I'm not going to stop attacking God because His believers won't stop attacking me. Any god, be it Allah or Yahweh or Vishnu are all the same to me: fiction. Religion is a very dangerous type of fiction that makes people believe they have the answers, so they don't ever try to find the REAL answers. In some cases, they even resist the real answers...


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