Tuesday, November 11, 2008

«Get the Water Yourself»

You'll get better results.

Blue Shirt: Ahhh... / Blue Shirt: Get me some more water. / Green Shirt: Uhh... Okay. / Blue Shirt: This isn't water. / Green Shirt: And I'm not your bitch.

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  1. How funny.

    I had an odd convo w/ someone today. He was rinsing a few dishes off when I walked in w/ a plate from lunch.

    He walked away just as I approached, so I jokingly said ((very obviously joking)) "Get back to the sink bitch I'm bringing a plate for you to do."

    OMG, he totally did not see humor in it at all. He glared at me and said "well I might as well, it's what I feel like around here."

    Um, sorry....?

  2. Uh Yeah..... Awkward


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