Sunday, November 2, 2008


Reminder: For those of you who do, it's time to change your clocks for daylight savings time, if you haven't already. Set them back an hour... At least on this end of it, you'll be an hour early for an appointment if you forgot to change your clocks.

Featherlike, by Gregor Czaykowski. Click an image to view full.

Featherlike, page 1 of 5.
Featherlike, page 2 of 5.
Featherlike, page 3 of 5.
Featherlike, page 4 of 5.
Featherlike, page 5 of 5.


  1. I like the tongues intertwined image. Too funny.

  2. @ the dragon king: Yeah, it was all only a dream. He's still as alone as ever.

  3. i've been thinking too much about you.....

    do you see the letters in the sun?

    i see and i can only copy these letters

    l s kotowski fuck you!

  4. he is in fact dreaming. personally i think the original artist of this comic did a better job showing that the kid is dreaming.

    and although czaykowski did a pretty good job replicating this comic, i can't fucking believe he put his name on that

  5. did he really take credit for creating this comic? what an asshole. someone find the original place this was posted and spam it relentless for stealing from another comic almost panel for panel.

  6. @ Wills and Anonymous: Are you sure it wasn't the same person that drew them both?

    Take a look at this page at Gr3g0r's deviantArt.

  7. @ Marf: for me, these are his reminiscences, not dreams.

  8. Jesus christ people, go on deviantART and read it like Marf said.
    "I was kicking myself so hard for not adding my name to it. Because now people will look at this and be like "OH DAT GUY TOTALLY RIPPED OFF THAT ONLINE COMIC" and they won't realise that it's the same artist..."
    He's not dreaming, he's wishing... Imho

  9. He's heartbroken and remembering the fine points in his relationship... duh

  10. It's so sad. Don't get the end..... ? He's not dreaming otherwise his eyes would be closed. and he's not remembering the fine points in his relationship, otherwise it would have shown the break up in the panels. This is simply showing what the guy so desperately needs, what he's thinking about and playing a story in his head of how it might happen. This is exactly where I am. I felt really happy following the oanels, saw the end, and cried.

  11. The sun reads: "I've been thinking too much about you" in the rays.

  12. He broke up with his girlfriend.

    He's thinking about what he had, go visit and read back a few comics, you'll find the answers there.


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