Sunday, February 17, 2008

«The Sims 2»

Sims 2 Zenge family house.I've been playing The Sims 2 again lately. I have the Nightlife, Open for Business, and Seasons expansions. Open for Business is my favorite expansion.

Sometimes my favorite thing to do in the game is to build houses rather than control the lives of sims. The picture is a house I've built (the picture's a little old, there have been minor changes since this). If you play the game, you'll know it takes a few tricks to get a curved roof or a garage connected to a house with a foundation.

This house is owned by my favorite sim. Her name is Angeline Zenge. She has 4 servo robots, by the names of B-4, Data, Lal, and Lore. If you're a Star Trek fan you'll know where I got the names. She owns several top-level businesses, and is very rich. She's recently had a child with a vampire that doesn't live with her. The child's name is Pandora. I usually don't deal with children in the Sims 2, but I figured I'd try. Pandora has turned out to be a child genius, she maxed all her skills before she became a teenager. Following in her mother's footsteps, I suppose...

The most successful business I have in The Sims 2 depends on how you classify successful.

The most money made per day goes to Zenge Electronics, owned by Angeline Zenge. It makes about 20,000 - 30,000 net profit per day, over 125,000 in raw income per day, but much of is spent restocking. The robots do much of the work, so there's not much need for employees. It has about 500 or so customer loyalty stars. Only takes 125 for a top-level business.

If you consider the most loyalty stars to be the most successful, then it would be Underwater Adventures. Owned by Yatashi McMan, a plant sim. It has about 650 loyalty stars, and is still gaining. Essentially it's a water park with a pool, slide, and a couple of hot tubs. This place takes nearly no maintenance. Just turn the open/closed sign, maybe replace the food on the buffet table, and sit in the hot tub. The ticket counter does the rest. I don't even need to clean the toilets or plates; the crazy robot customers do it for me.

EDIT: Wow, was I ever wrong about Zenge Electronics. I hadn't actually played the business for a while, so I was going by memory. In one day I managed to net 82,276! With a raw income of 296,505.


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