Tuesday, December 16, 2008

«The Wasteland Pimp»

That's me, and evil to the core...
Fallout 3 screenshot, Pimp with a sniper rifle

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The game is Fallout 3. This is my current character in the game. The Earth may be in ruins, but he's still pimpin'.

As the game lore goes, there was a nuclear war that erupted between China and the United States in the year 2077. The game takes place in and around Washington D.C., in the year 2277; 200 years after the "Great War". Civilization has yet to rebuild.

For those of you curious, that is Eulogy Jones' hat and suit. The suit has been re-skinned with the PUNK Style Eulogy Jones Suit mod.

Yes, that's the Washington Monument in the background.
Fallout 3 screenshot, Pimp with the Capitol Wasteland in the background.
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  1. @ Monique: Yup. That suit isn't much for practical protection out there in the Wastes... But damn he looks good. lol

  2. Did you choose his clothing?

  3. @ Monique: Yes, there's quite a few different clothing styles.


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