Friday, August 7, 2009

«Hey, It's A Meme I Connect With!»

This type of meme started out with Advice Dog1. This lead to several variations2, as memes often do. You can think of these variations as mutations in the process of evolution; most are not very successful and die out. However, some survive and thrive like Courage Wolf (who became more popular than Advice Dog itself).

One of the newest iterations is the Socially Awkward Penguin. Finally a meme I can relate to!
A cute girl smiles at you and waves, you smile back / She was looking at the person behind you
Run for a bus and miss it / Pretend you were just jogging
Someone compliments you / You assume it's sarcasm
Cute girl says hi / Question her motives
Get a ride with an acquaintance / Sit in silence throughout the whole journey
Ask someone to repeat what they just said / Still didn't hear it, but feed dumb asking to repeat again
AMake eye contact with a girl / Look away immediately
1: Warning: This link goes to Encyclopedia Dramatica, which can have adult content. Viewer digression is advised.
2: This link also goes to Encyclopedia Dramatica, so the same warning as above applies.


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