Monday, August 31, 2009

«Motivational Monday: America»

Pancakes and sausage on a stick? Really!?
America / Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Pancake batter with embedded chocolate chips, covering a sausage link on a stick, so it looks like a corndog. Does that even deserve the "food" label?


  1. Yeah, they serve these as "breakfast" at the boys' school. Nice that the school system cares enough to serve nutritious meals huh? So glad we pay out the ass for it too.

  2. ok the chocolate chip thing sounds stupid but the normal kind is good with some warm syrup :P emphasis on WARM. My friend and his family keep their syrup in the fridge *shudders* disgusting XP

  3. @ Monique: You've got to be kidding me... I've never heard of these things other than from this motivational. I had all but written it off as a photoshopped fake.

    @ S1x Legi0ns: The whole things sounds odd to me...


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