Friday, August 28, 2009

«Map Doing Pretty Well»

I've gotten some feedback on my Portal map, Marf Aperture. There's a few issues that have been brought to my attention that need to be fixed. So hopefully soon I'll have a new version out addressing some of the issues I've had reported.

I've also uploaded the map to myApertureLabs, so you can see some of the feedback I'm getting there. You can also see the discussion thread I started on their forum.

Apparently lighting is a little bland? I don't know, I thought I did ok... Maybe they're running LDR instead of HDR...


  1. Looks cool. Now if only they'd let me buy Portal without installing Steam...

    PS: I can't seem to post anything unless I use the old standard blogger comment form anymore. I first noticed this shortly after upgrading to Firefox 3.5, so that may be the culprit.

  2. @ Nathaniel: Well, I'm not using a beta release of Firefox. I pretty much avoid beta versions of anything because of issues like that.


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