Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So I saw the movie Religulous. I have to say, it was entirely one-sided and biased toward Atheism. Bill Maher didn't give anyone much of a chance to make sense... Although they wouldn't have anyway.

Basically, it's not going to accomplish a whole lot. With religious folk, it'll just piss them off and/or they'll just shrug it off as blasphemy (totally ignoring the actual arguments); and it will just reinforce an already Atheist's point of view. It's too blunt and disrespectful to actually change anyone's mind.

I'm not sure how long it'll stay there, but right now it's been posted in its entirety on Google Video:


You don't have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate, though.

- Mark Pryor, United States Senator

*facepalm* Can you believe he actually said that!? Although by the expression on his face after, I think he realized what he just said. I think that was my favorite part.

Father Reginald Foster, a Senior Vatican Priest, was quite a character. I liked that guy. I wish more religious people saw religion that way. If they did, religion just might not be such the problem it is today.

I love how the public relations lady almost has Bill Maher thrown out of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. "Because of what he is and because of the types of show that he does." That's great... The Vatican threw him out, I wounder why not the Jesus amusement park? The Amusement Park Jesus poses the question "What if you're wrong?", implying Pascal's Wager. I've always disputed that by saying there's many religions, and every God seems to be a jealous God. If you pick the wrong one you're still going to burn. There is no "safe wager."

The dude with the funny hat out on the sidewalk preaching the beliefs of Scientology, I guarantee he's not affiliated with the actual "church" (cult1) of Scientology. They only reveal the Xenu/volcano/H-bomb story after you've been properly indoctrinated (brainwashed), because it sounds far too crazy to anyone else (because it is). It's a protected "secret" that's even been copyrighted and is fiercely protected.

It's funny when he also gets kicked off the Mormon grounds. Mormon fuzz... I have to say, I didn't expect this level of intolerance from the Mormons.

Heh, I like the Jewish guy that spends his time bypassing the Sabbath. Dare I say (completely politically incorrectly) that he's a typical Jew? By that guy's standards, the Bible would have had to have been an entire library of books just listing the specific things that are not allowed on the Sabbath. The guy's quite the inventor. Not only did he invent the contraptions, but he invented the need for them as well!

As a testament to how sneaky those Jews are... That Jewish camera man made it past the defenses and into the Dome of the Rock! What if that guy was secretly the Jewish Messiah? He made it past the wall! OMGWTFBBQ! And they're so tolerant that they have a "special corner" for women. lol.

Remember, the End Times are going to occur exactly at the Winter Solstice of 2012. No need to plan beyond that time. No need to plan for the future generation.

1: Let it be clear that I have no problem with the beliefs themselves (crazy as they may be) of Scientology. They're no more crazy than any other religion. The guy with the funny hat out on the sidewalk I have no issues with. It is the corrupt origination, the "Church" of Scientology that I call the cult, that I have issues with.


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