Monday, August 3, 2009

«Motivational Monday: 17 Dollars»

I really can't stand people that try to act "gansta".

17 Dollars / Now that's Gansta


  1. I have been trying for the gansta look with my bandana head gear when I am running. Maybe that is why so many critters disapprove of me?

  2. I dont even get it. How is 17 dollars 'gangsta'? Can someone from 'da hood' enlighten me please?

  3. @ S1x Legi0ns: I think the idea of obtaining "lots" of money through illicit means (drug dealing and such) can be "gansta".

    The whole point of the Demotivational is to have an air of sarcasm.

  4. six legions its because he thinks hes gangster by havin his so called 'bling' and doin some kind of gay gang symbol and thus sarcasm kicks in and you kno this guy aint for real

  5. Yo, my scratcher came through, y'all.


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