Thursday, October 1, 2009

«4chan Turns 6»

The website 4chan is now 6 years old. No, I'm not going to link to it due to the content of the site. Just Google it if you really don't know it. Then dive right into the "/b/ - Random" imageboard; it's under the "Misc. (18+)" category.

All of the memes of the internet were spawned or propagated from 4chan. We owe this site for every time we've ever laughed at a Lolcat. Or chances are, most else that is funny on the internet. We also owe it for the most vile images on the internet.

It is a place of anonymity and near-absolute freedom of speech. Even if you've never been there, it has had a profound impact on what you see on the internet.

Photoshopped Moot.

Click image to view full.


  1. Your /b/ cool think u can put a workable game that i can play during school or are you fail troll...

  2. @ Anonymous: Not my fault if the school computers fail and don't have Java or flash installed.


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