Friday, October 9, 2009

«Declare War on the Moon»

So, NASA is going to (or has, depending on when you read this) "bomb" the moon. Let's hope it doesn't turn out like this:
The moon fractured in the 2002 Time Machine movie
That of course is an image from the 2002 movie Time Machine.

In reality, we could bomb the moon with all the nukes in the world and the most it would do is change the cratering a bit. And NASA isn't even nuking the moon, or even bombing it in the general sense. They're just going to purposefully crash two parts of the LCROSS spacecraft into the moon's South pole. They hope to kick up some of the surface dust and maybe some water ice crystals with it.

That's what they're looking for: water ice. If there is water on the moon then it can be used as a source of fuel (in the form of oxygen and hydrogen) for future deep space exploration missions. It takes so much energy to bring up fuel from Earth. Whereas if fuel can be made on the moon, it doesn't take too much energy to escape from the moon's gravity.

I've read some crazy things people posted who don't have a clue about it. There's people worried about mass earthquakes and tsunamis here on Earth as a result. Or changing the tidal patterns of the oceans.

Or literally split the moon. This one's my favorite. Because the prophet Muhammad split the moon 1,400 years ago, the moon is already cleft in two. So this impact is going to separate the two halves... Yeah, right1.

From the Qur'an:

The Last Hour has drawn near, and the moon has split. But whenever they see a sign, they turn away and say, 'This is evident magic'.

- al-Qamar, 54.1-2

There's actually people protesting to "save the moon." Just... Wow.

1: It's not just Christianity I find ridiculous. I think all the religions are. I just pick on Christianity the most because I'm exposed to it the most.


  1. I am wondering what the new age religious sorts would say about this.

  2. @ Looney: Probably nothing now that the deed is done and the moon is still intact.

  3. Wait... water?! I thought the moon was made out of cheese! Everyone lied to me... and what about the man on the moon??? Wont he be upset when strangers come and take his water ice crystals?... *Grabs a protest sign and marches with all the other babbling idiots who don't have a clue whats going on*

    Anywho... I think its a good idea. We need new sources of fuel and space exploration is a great way to find it. Hopefully this will be a good start on finding a second Earth to live on after we burn this one to the ground by our own hand.


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