Sunday, October 25, 2009

«Screw Ferby»

So it turns out you should never trust a sim named Ferby. He cheated on Annabel Lee and had a child with someone else. If she were to have married him, I would have been forced to take the bastard child, too. So Ferby will not be in the family tree.

Instead, Annabel Lee hooked up with a firefighter named Jerad. Here I'm trying to size down the family and they go and have twins (Carla and Vernell). She actually wasn't even married to him at the time of their twins' birth. Both turned out jet-black like their mother.

Sabrina moved out and she took one of the twins (Carla) with her. So I'm left with just Vernell and a slightly smaller family I have to take care of. So I'm happy.

As far as Jerad is concerned, he has served his purpose. He's useless to me now. I've already achieved what his lifetime wish is with a different sim, so I can't get that point from him. Looks like even though Jerad has the Lucky trait, great misfortune will come his way *wink* *wink*.

Oh and Vernell's two traits, Evil and Genius: randomly selected as per the Legacy Challenge rules. I swear...


  1. I forsee Vernell doing something evil to Jerad...


  2. @ Vid: While I can't say Vernell had anything to do with it, Jerad drowned in the family pool.

    [sarcasm]How tragic and unexpected...[/sarcasm]


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