Tuesday, October 6, 2009

«Monkey Math Answer»

The answer to the Monkey Math question is 534 bananas. Congrats to Looney for getting the correct answer!

The monkey then starves to death on the way back, and can't bring money back to the plantation owner. The owner is left with no bananas and no money. The owner wishes he would have used a truck instead. Or better yet, sold his bananas at a closer market. How exactly can a monkey carry 1,000 bananas anyway?


  1. So, if the banana supply is unlimited, what's the largest the ratio (bananas sold)/(bananas taken from supply) can be? 1/16 is possible, but probably not the maximum.

  2. @ Nathaniel: Well, even with just 3,000 you can get 17.8%; 1/16th is only 6.25%. So by far, 1/16th is not the best one can do.

  3. Sorry—you have to get the monkey home, too.

  4. But wait, if the monkey can carry only 1000 bananas and the trip takes 1000 miles, wouldn't he eat them all by the time he gets there?

  5. @ Vid: No, because he can go part way, drop some bananas and go back. Then pick up the bananas again and go further.

    As an example: Monkey travels 333 miles and eats 333 bananas. Drops 334 and walks back, eating the remaining 333 on the way back. Picks up a bundle of 999 bananas and travels back to the 333 mile mark, and picks up the bananas he dropped. Now if he were to go all the way he'd arrive at the market with 333 bananas.


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