Wednesday, October 21, 2009

«Goodbye Lillian, Hello Ferby»

Update on what has transpired with my Sims 3 Legacy.

Annabel Lee has grown into quite the teenager.
Annabel Lee Zenge in her teenage years

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I think she's already got a mate picked out for when she becomes a young adult. The guy's name is... Ferby.

The game randomly picks names for any new sims I'm not directly controlling. But come on, Ferby?! Seriously?! I had a bit of a fit when I saw his name. Although his stupid name is why I'm going to pick him to be the father of the next generation. That and he's a Ginger (red-haired).

I had fed Jake to the timestream a while back (this means he moved out of the house). It wasn't that big of an issue, so I don't think I said much about it when I did it. Well, old Jake was over visiting and he up and died of old age.

Lillian, the last survivor of generation 2, lingered on for quite a while. Her life was a contradiction to her traits. She was an artist (a damn good one at that) that hated art. She spent nearly every waking moment of her elderhood painting. All in all, she made over 260,000 from her artwork. That's a good chunk of the total family worth. Finally, at 113 days of age, Lillian died of old age. She can finally rest and never paint another painting again.

Linda and Bonnie both became elders. Somehow even though they are twins, Linda ended up being a day older than Bonnie. They also both achieved their lifetime wishes.

The Grim Reaper, as I have found out, does not age. He'll remain a young adult indefinitely. This means he'll survive long enough to be able to see his great-great-great-granddaughter get old. The Grim Reaper will still be around when the 10th generation is born and the legacy challenge ends.


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