Friday, October 23, 2009

«Elvira Fed to the Timestream»

Elvira has been fed to the timestream (in my Sims 3 legacy). That means she's left the household (and thus my control). She accomplished everything I needed her to quite quickly. So I let her get married to a sim named Loren Meador and move in with him.

I was getting too many sims in the family anyway. There is a maximum of 8 at any given time. I needed to make room for Ferby and the next generation (when she's born). Besides, I'm getting tired of controlling such a large family.

I've read that some people had a tough time achieving the Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers lifetime wish within the 90 day lifespan. Elvira completed it while still a young adult. The key is to start with playing the guitar for tips in the park. You'll end up being friends with nearly everyone in town. Then you don't have to worry about the friend requirements to master the charisma skill. Just read the charisma skill books.


  1. Yes, you can sometimes get guitar tips of like seventy simoleons.


  2. @ Vid: I think I've seen 85 simoleons once.


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