Tuesday, June 29, 2010

«Hovercar Prototype»

It was October 21, 2015 that the time-traveling DeLorean went to in the movie Back to the Future II. There were flying cars, hoverboards, and Mr. Fusion.

2015 is fast approaching, and I think I may have spotted a prototype of the flying car. The front tire is in the hover position.
Back to the Future Prototype

Click image to view full.
No sign of hoverboards or Mr. Fusion yet...


  1. I am looking forward to when rednecks who never maintain their vehicle and are anti-muffler have the right to fly-drive 100 yards above my house.

  2. Nevermind the car, there's packs of beer for $17.99 over there.

  3. @ Trevor: Well, it IS Ketchikan... Beer would be more important than a flying car.


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