Friday, June 4, 2010

«God Is Unnatural?»

God Is Unnatural, Like Homosexuality

His 5th point (around time index 5:05) gets a little fuzzy. At time index 6:52 he says we should be able to measure God's effect. That's not the case if He's always interfering. We wouldn't be able to tell the difference between His effect and what nature would do without it. His effect would become a quality of nature that we take for granted.

At time index 12:13 he makes an excellent point. If any one religion were actually correct, and miracles were something other than random chance1, then they would only happen in favor of the one "true" religion.

1: ...and magnets.

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  1. I should get around to looking at the video. Regarding miracles, Christianity asserts that God created the laws of nature and started everything up. It also asserts that other religions are the product of evil spirits who do have real powers. Thus, per the meta-narrative, you could actually have more miracles in everything except Christianity!


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